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Business Printing

Brand Management and Localisation

FilePrint supports several large corporate organisations to manage their printed materials.

The main benefits for our customers are:

  • Brand Control: Users can only order print from the library or generated by templates; this ensures that the marketing team keep control of the brand, message and quality.
  • Localisation: For organisations with multiple offices, this solution enables each printed document to carry the appropriate contact details and local message.
  • Detailed Reports: A live report is available online for the marketing team to monitor who is ordering what.

Build your documents using pre-agreed templates or upload your own PDFs

FilePrint allows users to create documents from templates. These templates may be simple with only one variable, such as a telephone contact number; or more complex with several variables and branding information like the office address and telephone numbers. Furthermore the variables themselves might be simple text, paragraphs of text, images or options from a list. Whatever the layout of the template, a preview is always available ensuring the user can be confident of what will be printed and delivered.