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FilePrint offers a wide variety of printed Brochures in various formats.

Brochures are an important piece of advertising for your company. It's crucial to make a good impression when introducing your organisation. It is a perfect way to familiarise your audience to your services and products that you specialise in. That is why great quality is essential. That is why you came to the right place!

Use your own design to have professional quality brochures printed. You can select your custom print options which are suitable for your needs. That is why you can print a matching set of brochures, leaflets, business cards and stationary. Since we allow ordering volume that is suitable for your needs it means you can print additional document as you need them, updating information about your products and upcoming offers! It's it great? With our quick turnarounds at amazing value you it's a splendid solution.

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Print Templates

Currently FilePrint offers over 50 print products in many different finishing and paper options.

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A6 Invitation

Calendar A3

Calendar A4

Calendar A5

Canvas (30x30cm)

Canvas (42x42cm)

Canvas (60x60cm)

Canvas (84x84cm)

Canvas A0

Canvas A1

Canvas A2

Canvas A3

Canvas A4

Framed Canvas (16\"x12\")

Framed Canvas (20\"x16\")

Framed Canvas (24"x20")

Framed Canvas (30"x24")

Framed Canvas (36"x24")

Framed Canvas (40"x30")

Framed Canvas A0

Framed Canvas A1

Framed Canvas A2

Framed Canvas A3

Framed Canvas A4

Greeting Card A5

Greeting Card A5

Greeting Card A6

Greeting Card A6

Panoramic Canvas (12"x36")

Panoramic Canvas (8"x18")

Panoramic Prints (4"x12")

Panoramic Prints (6"x17")

Panoramic Prints (8"x17")

Photo Mag (8 page A4)

Photo Poster A0

Photo Poster A1

Photo Poster A2

Photo Poster A3

Photo Poster A4

Photo Prints (16"x24")

Photo Prints (4"x6")

Photo Prints (5"x7")

Photo Prints (8"x12")

Postcard A5

Postcard A6

Themed Business Card

Themed Compliment Slip

Themed Letterhead

Themed Presentation Folder

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