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What job formats do you support?

We only accept PDFs.

What are the recommended PDF Settings?

Typical PDF Settings

Our print solution will only give you options that are suitable for your file. It takes care of all the complicated issues, so all you need to do is:

  • Create your whole document in normal page order, i.e. page1, page 2, page 3. etc.
  • Not add any of the clever printing bits - NO crop marks or impositions.
  • Not leave any white space around the side unless it is part of the finished document.
  • Leave a quiet area around the document of 10mm, particularly on documents (like business cards). You can have images and colour in the quiet area, but avoid text too near the edge.
  • Not add bleed. If you know what bleed is, great, upload with bleed and set it in the options. No idea what bleed is - don't worry - you don't need it.
  • Embed fonts. Click here to find out how.
  • Double sided print: top of 1st page is printed back to back with top of the 2nd page therefore you should make sure the pages are correctly orientated.

Advanced Options

This area is for advanced users. You typically do not need to worry about the options below. You will still get high quality print output!

  • Resolution: 300 DPI is ideal. Some applications output 'fat' PDFs, before uploading it is well worth optimizing your PDF, if you have the tools (try Adobe Acrobat Optimize).
  • Fonts: Must be embedded, but better yet, convert all fonts to curves.
  • Colour: There are several issues around colour:
  • PDFs should be CMYK. If your document is to be printed in black and white, then please convert this to greyscale.
  • We do not support any colour profiles.
  • Digital presses have a 5% variance on a colour, therefore, avoid colours of low saturation, i.e. cream.
  • Flat colours tend to create a banding effect. Best practice is to saturate the colour and/or use a pattern, i.e. marble.
  • Gradients also tend to band, so avoid.
  • If the document size is too, not all fi nishing options may apply.

What are the recommended JPEG Settings?

JPG is the standard format for images.

Typical JPEG Settings

  • Generally, any format of JPG will work fine.
  • The JPG should not be any bigger than 0.5 MB, anything bigger will work fine, but will take longer to upload and preview.

Advanced JPEG settings

  • JPGs should be CMYK.
  • JPGs should be set for 300 DPI, for the target size. It is beneficial to keep the JPG sizes down (especially for complex documents) as the system will run faster.

How do I merge several PDFs into one?

Our system allows you to merge pages as part of the upload (go to upload PDFs and then click on the merge tool link). If you need to merge more documents than we support (16), simply merge as many as you can and then download the merged document (using the preview link) and save it on your disc. Then, go back to merge page, and repeat the process, using the merged documented and the remaining PDFs.

How can I switch from RGB to CMYK

Most digital devices such as monitors, cameras, etc; display images in RGB (Red, Green, Blue). Printing presses require images in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and BlacK). All our documents are pre-processed to make them CMYK - so, regardless of whether you upload RGB or CMYK we can still print your documents. The main problem is what colour actually then gets printed. If you upload CMYK then that's exactly what will be printed and you will get a very good colour match. If you upload RGB our process will "interpret" the document to CMYK - most colours match quite nicely, others do not and there may be a noticeable colour shift. Best practice is to always upload CMYK.

In Photoshop, simply choose Image> Mode> CMYK Colour

Adobe Illustrator

Select File/Document colour mode/CMYK colour

Quark Xpress 4.1

Use the following menu options: Edit/Edit Colours/Show Colours in Use/Highlight. Colour and click Edit. Change model to CMYK and deselect Spot colour

Microsoft Publisher 2003

Select Tools/Commercial Printing Tools/ Colour Printing, Select Process Colours (CMYK)

How should I orient my pages?

We offer instructions for setting up popular types of documents here.

Please be aware that double sided print is imposed with pages top to top which means that top of the first page will be back to back with top of the second page. This may cause some confusion if you want to print document double sided and folded like landscape greeting card.

Why are the page size dimensions different to what I expected?

Depending on how you setup your page size you may notice that the dimensions that our system reports are slightly different to those you thought your document was setup to meet. This is because there are different sets of dimensions depending on the 'box' you are considering. Please see below the different types of boxes you may have (from Prepressure):

  • The MediaBox is used to specify the width and height of the page. For the average user, this probably equals the actual page size. For prepress use, this is not the case as we prefer our pages to be defined slightly oversized so that we can see the bleed, the crop marks and useful information such as the file name or the date and time when the file was created.
  • The CropBox defines the region to which the page contents are to be clipped. Acrobat uses this size for screen display and printing. For prepress use, the CropBox is pretty irrelevant. The GWG industry association recommends not using the CropBox at all.
  • The BleedBox determines the region to which the page contents needs to be clipped when output in a production environment. Usually the BleedBox is 3 to 5 millimetres larger than the TrimBox. By default the BleedBox equals the CropBox.
  • The TrimBox defines the intended dimensions of the finished page. Contrary to the CropBox, the TrimBox is very important because it defines the actual page size. By default the TrimBox equals the CropBox.

Can you print a different size to my artwork?

No, you need to upload exactly what you want printed. Our solution is such great value because nobody touches a print job. So, if you upload an A4 job, there is no way of telling us that you actually want A5 prints - therefore you need to upload the correct size.

How do I order a calendar?

There are two way of getting a calendar with FilePrint:

1. Use our templates. Upload your images or use the ones we provide. To design your calendar log in and go to the “build your document online” tab.

2. You can upload PDF with a ready calendar. Make sure you choose the “calendar” option (which includes a spiral bound and a hanger)

How do I order a canvas?

There are two ways of order a canvas:

1. Upload a PDF. This must be smaller than A0 (841mmx1189mm) but larger than 320mm x 450mm, or you will not get the canvas option, but you will be able to upload any specific size you like.

2. Use the "Build documents online" canvas template. This will produce any A size, down to A4.

Our canvasses come rolled in a tube. To frame them you can buy stretchers from an art shop or online. You may therefore want extra canvas around your image, our template gives you this option, if you upload your own PDFs you will have to add this to the PDF.

What paper weight options are there?

Following paper weights are available:

  • Standard Silk (120 gsm)
  • Heavy Silk (200 gsm)
  • Card Silk (300 gsm)
  • Heavy Card Silk (350 gsm)
  • Laminated

What paper size options are there?

We will print what you order - so any size, but here is a list of the standard A sizes.

  • A0: 841 x 1189 mm (33.1 ◊ 46.8 in)
  • A1: 594 x 841 mm (23.4 ◊ 33.1 in)
  • A2: 420 x 594 mm (16.5 ◊ 23.4 in)
  • A3: 297 x 420 mm (11.7 ◊ 16.5 in)
  • A4: 210 x 297 mm (8.3 ◊ 11.7 in)
  • A5: 148 x 210 mm (5.8 ◊ 8.3 in)
  • A6: 105 x 148 mm (4.1 ◊ 5.8 in)

Can I order coloured paper?

Users often ask if FilePrint can print onto coloured papers. The answer to this is No! This is simply because our solution can print any colour you like. So, if you wanted to produce a wedding invitation on cream or ivory paper, then upload artwork which has a coloured background and you will get the result that you are looking for.

What is the smallest document I can order?

We can print any size up to A0 but we may not be able to finish your document if itís too small.

Trimming: If one of the sides of your document is shorter than 50mm we may not be able to trim it.

Folding: If one of the sides of your document is shorter than 150mm we may not be able to fold it.

Stapling: The smallest document that can we stapled is A5.

How accurate are the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)?

For the vast majority of orders we deliver in time or even ahead of the set ETAs. However, ETAs are 'estimated' time of arrivals and consequently they are not always 100% accurate for a number of reasons. For example, they do not take into consideration bank holidays, neither can they predict delays due to weather conditions or other unexpected circumstances. We calculate ETAs based on the time of the day you place an order. Printers typically dispatched orders the same day if you place an order before noon. Depending on the delivery method you selected and the finishing options required we add a number of days, e.g. 1 or 2 etc. If the ETA falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then we set the ETA to the following Monday. You can follow your order using the reporting tool which offers updates regarding the progress of the order. Once orders are dispatched, it is the responsibility of the courier to deliver in time.

Although the ETA is typically accurate we cannot guarantee delivery times, as this is the responsibility of the selected courier. If your order is urgent please contact us to confirm the dispatch time.

How long will it take to get the prints back?

Our target is to have print back to you in 48 hours, many of our customers receive print back the next day. A few factors may delay this, however, like if you order late in the day, if you order at weekends, or if you have ordered lamination.

How much is postage and packaging?

Postage is calculated as you are placing your order. You'll usually get different service options, which vary in price and delivery speed. The charges are simply passed on from the courier.

What happens if something is wrong with an order?

No Quibble Policy
Our Promise: Want to deliver excellent quality for all customers. If we do not get it right first time, we want to know about it so that we can then do something about it and ensure you are left satisfied with your order.

Any quality issues should be raised with our customer support team within 3 days from the delivery ETA. Re-prints will not normally be authorised after this period.

If your order has not arrived

Please note that ETA is only an estimated calculation which doesn't take into consideration Bank Holidays and other Public holidays in your country. ETA is usually accurate but if you have an urgent job please contact us to confirm a delivery date. Dispatched orders: We need to allow up to 7 days for delivery by Royal Mail. Courier deliveries are delivered the next day they were dispatched and only on weekdays. For international order allow 2 weeks from the dispatch day. If your order is not delivered at that time please contact us within a week.

Although the ETA is typically accurate we cannot guarantee delivery times, as this is the responsibility of the selected courier. If your order is urgent please contact us by email or phone to confirm the dispatch time.

If your order is wrong

If a job has been incorrectly printed or finished, then a single document should be returned to the printer before a re-print can be authorised, if appropriate this can be done in electronic format (by email). Please refer to Support pages for more info on Setting up your documents.

If your order is faulty or damaged during transit

If any documents have been damaged in transit, then each of these documents should be returned for a re-print.

If you want to cancel your order

Our system is fully automated and all orders can only be cancelled if they have not been printed. Please contact us by email or phone with your request, we will contact the printer and confirm your cancellation.

If you order the wrong thing

Issues where customer orders a document is incorrectly set up or the details are mistakenly entered, such as number of copies, paper, setup options etc. will not be normally re-printed although we can offer you a 50% off the print costs if you decide to re-print an amended document.

How much will my print cost?

Check out our sample prices for some common options. The best way to get a price, however, is to upload your job. It does not have to be the finished job, just as long as you have the correct paper size and number of pages, you'll still get the correct price. Doing it this way means you can play around with different paper and setup options.

Do I get a discount for volume?

We offer everybody a discounted price because our print service is fully automated, which allows us to always print in volume, whether you order 1 sheet of 1,000. This allows us to give a single price regardless of how many copies you order.

Do you have a "minimum order" for prints?

Yes - ONE! Our print on demand solution is fully automated, which means we can cost effectively print single documents.

Will my artwork look the same as on my computer screen?

There are some small differences. Most digital devices: monitors, cameras, etc; display images in RGB, or Red, Green, Blue. So a monitor has lots of small clusters of Red, Green, Blue dots and makes all the colours from them.

Most print however is made up of CMYK, Cyan (Blue), Magenta (Red), Yellow and Black.

To print your documents our print presses must have CMYK documents, but, all our documents are pre-processed to make them CMYK - so, regardless of whether you upload RGB or CMYK we can still print your documents.

The main problem is what colour actually then gets printed. If you upload CMYK then that's exactly what will be printed and you will get a very good colour match. If you upload RGB our process will "interpret" the document to CMYK - most colours match quite nicely, others do not and there may be a noticeable colour shift.

Best practice is to always upload CMYK.

Do you do designs as well as print?

If you need any design work undertaken please get in touch with our customer support.