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Online Help
1 Introduction
2.1 Quality
2.2 File Settings
2.3 Embedded Fonts
2.4 Colour
2.5 Document Options
3 Login
4.1 Upload PDF
4.3 Templates
4.4 Template Fields
5 Print Job Setup
6 Library
7 Order
8 Reports


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Online Help

FilePrint is a new and simple way to get high quality print from your desktop to your door within 48 hours. Choose the format and paper quality and your print will be distributed in 24 hours.

There is a lot of useful information in this section, explaining how each tool works and detailing what format of file you need to upload. There are also lots of demonstrations showing key functions - just sit back and watch them.

Remember though - we are here to help. If you have any issues, just pick the phone up or send us an email.